• Vrijdag 24 mei
  • Hellenthal (Buitenland)

Grinduro Germany 2024

  • Gravelbike

Grinduro Germany returns to Hellenthal in 2024! Save the dates: May 24 - 26.

In short, Grinduro Germany is just what the name suggests: gravel road race + mountain bike-style enduro = one long loop of pavement and dirt, where finishing times aren’t based on overall loop time, but four or five timed segments. But Grinduro is not just a bike race. It’s a celebration of cycling with as much emphasis on the fun as the ride, with excellent food, an impressive display of art and incredible handmade bikes, live music, camping, and a festival atmosphere.

The fun starts on Friday afternoon with the Prologue, a chance to dial-in your ride and race your buddies on the special stage for some top prizes! Chill out on Friday night with food trucks and live music, or browse the Grinduro brand expo.

Saturday is the big one: a signed 100km course, 4 timed stages, epic riding, stunning views, good times! The rest of the loop is untimed, meaning you can ride as fast or as relaxed as you choose... Hang out with your friends, relax at our feed station halfway at the campsite, chill at the beer stop. Or just go hard all day! 3 wholesome meals are included in your entry for Saturday, along with the loudest post-ride party in the Eifel region!

We also have a Grindurito. It’s not quite as challenging, but still a healthy bite of the Grinduro experience. You’ll ride the first loop of the Grinduro course, which is a pleasant 50 km. The Grindurito ride is not timed, and while it doesn’t include an official awards ceremony, your prize is knowing you had one heckuva fun ride!

On Sunday morning, komoot will take you out on their Hangover Ride - a laid back spin around the Eifel for those of you who didn't party too hard the night before!

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